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Top 10 New Deer Rifles

by seph von Benedikt   |  July 21st, 2015

Outstanding rifles are plentiful on the market, and if you’re the avid deer hunter we think you are, you’re probably familiar with most of them. This list of top options showcases freshly introduced models; a few of brand-new design and a gaggle of variations on proven existing models.

There are precision bolt-actions with extended reach; there’s a brush-country thumper or two; and there are several almost-affordable custom-quality rifles that offer better-than-average accuracy at a price comparable to what a new Remington 700 cost in the ’70s. So shrug off the melancholy, wave the pre-season blues goodbye, and peruse this list for inspiration. Who knows: You just might find your new perfect companion for that all-important time in the deer woods.

Browning-X-Bolt-Long-Range-HunterBrowning X-Bolt Long-Range Hunter

Whether you believe that shooting at big game at long range (whatever your definition of that is) is the epitome of riflemanship, or you opine that shooters who indulge in such practices are soulless narcissists devoid of ethics, the movement is upon us. Manufacturers of rifles, optics, and ammo are building purpose-specific products catering to long-range hunting. Browning’s X-Bolt Long Range Hunter is one such, employing the company’s inherently accurate yet lightweight action, fit with a 26-inch heavy sporter profile stainless barrel, glass bedded for accuracy and consistency into a composite stock. Camo is Browning’s own BuckThorn Tan. Several popular long-reaching calibers are available; my vote goes to the flat-shooting 26 Nosler. Weight: 7 lbs., 6 oz. Price: $1,430.

Browning-BAR StalkerBrowning BAR Stalker

Not only are semiauto deer rifles great where the action is close and fast, but they offer superb advantages to disabled veterans and other folks. A paraplegic friend recently drew a very good trophy bull elk tag, and he’s getting set up for it with a Browning BAR in 7mm Rem. Mag. fit with a muzzle brake and topped with a Burris Eliminator III rangefinding/drop compensating scope. Paralyzed from the waist down, he also has limited use of his left hand, which complicates recoil control and prevents him from dialing turrets or running a bolt while maintaining control of his rifle. With this rig, he’s got legitimate quarter-mile range and follow-up capability without assistance. The new iteration of the BAR shown features a rubber armored black synthetic stock, and is available in most popular hunting calibers. Weight: 7 lbs. 4 oz. (short action). Price: $1,260.

Legendary Arms Works ProfessionalLegendary Arms Works Professional

Although a very young company, L.A.W. has already earned the resounding endorsement of writing/hunting legends such as Craig Boddington and Ron Spomer. How? They offer custom-rifle performance at a more reasonable price. Note that I write “more” reasonable: you can still buy two Remington 700s for the price of one L.A.W. rifle. However, the L.A.W. provides a custom-grade controlled-feed action; match grade, lapped, stainless barrel; and Timney trigger, all bedded into a superlative hand-laid composite stock by Mark Bansner. On a “par” scale, ergonomics are an Eagle. Available in most popular calibers and many wildcat cartridges, rifles weigh in at between 6.5 and 7.0 pounds, depending on barrel length and caliber. Price: $1,829.

Mossberg MVP Light ChassisMossberg MVP Light Chassis Rifle

The innovate MVP line continues to grow, building on its tremendous success as an adaptable bolt-action platform. The latest is the Light Chassis rifle, and it bodes fair to be our favorite. Chambered in 7.62 NATO (.308 Win.) it’s fit with a maneuverable 18.5-inch barrel and secured into an aluminum chassis-type stock—which is all the rage among precision shooters these days. A collapsible AR-type stock makes it adaptable for various-size shooters, and an aggressive muzzle brake makes it easy for small-frame and recoil-sensitive shooters to fire. Capacity is 10 rounds, so be sure to check local regulations before hunting deer with it (and, if necessary, obtain a 5-round magazine). While it’s not your typical deer rifle, it’s one that will be at home in the woods and will assist you in pulling off difficult shots. Weight: 8 lbs., 8 oz. Price: $1,438.

Nosler PatriotNosler M48 Patriot

Built on Nosler’s own custom action, fit with a premium, match-grade, hand-lapped stainless barrel, and bedded into a lightweight Aramid-fiber stock, the M48 Patriot is as fine a hunting rifle as you can obtain south of two grand. Sure, that’s a lot, but when you consider that it offers guaranteed sub M.O.A. accuracy, has a hand-tuned match-grade trigger, is Cerakoted to make it impervious to moisture and wear, and comes in just about any caliber you can think of, you’ll realize it’s worth it. I’ve used an M48 with extraordinary success at long range, consistently hitting deer-vital-size targets out to 800 yards. Weight: 6 lbs., 12 oz. to 7 lbs., 8 oz. depending on caliber. Price: $1,795.

Model_Seven_LSRemington Model Seven LS

A sleeker, slimmer little sister to Remington’s legendary Model 700, the Model Seven is available in a new, particularly attractive guise: a moisture- and temperature-impervious laminate stock offers the same profile and contours as early Sevens; the barrel is a very maneuverable 18.5 inches; and it weighs only a shade over six and one-half pounds. Iron sights are standard, making for a great back-up sighting system to your scope or as a stand-alone system for fast-and-furious action on close whitetails and hogs in thick cover. Magnum calibers are offered with a 22-inch barrel, and weigh a few ounces more. Currently, it’s available in .223 Rem., .243 Win., 7mm-08 Rem., and .308 Win., as well as select short magnum calibers. Price: $1,039.

Ruger Hawkeye FTW PredatorRuger M77 Hawkeye FTW Predator

A combined effort between the shooting instructors at the FTW Ranch in Texas (some of whom happen to be retired Navy Seal Snipers), this rifle features a tough laminate stock with adjustable length-of-pull spacers, a cold hammer forged stainless steel barrel, and an excellent two-stage adjustable target trigger on it’s controlled-feed M77 Hawkeye action. Chambered in the superb, efficient 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, it’s a legitimate 1,000-yard gun in the hands of a skilled rifleman. (Not on deer, mind you—but it’ll flat wear out a steel target.) Only a decade ago, deer hunters with long bean fields to shoot across had to spend several thousand to obtain the type of performance this rifle will provide—for $1,099. Weight: 8 lbs., 1 oz.

Sauer 404 EleganceSauer 404 Elegance

No deer gun roundup is complete without one really, really fine rifle, one that causes hunters to fling fiduciary responsibility to the vagrant winds and spend the equivalent of a semester’s tuition at their kid’s college. Sauer’s new 404 Elegance is an obscenely beautiful rifle that will shoot as well as it looks. Since the bolt locking lugs engage the rear of the barrel directly, the action is machined of “aviation-grade high-alloy aluminum,” meaning that it’s far lighter than any steel action. That high-tech receiver is fitted with twin ejectors for reliability, an adjustable-position trigger, a manual cocking slide on the bolt shroud that decompresses the firing pin spring when disengaged and is bedded into a stock of shockingly beautiful walnut. Even cooler: the barrel and bolt face are interchangeable, enabling the owner to convert the rifle between several calibers. Weight: Something confusing in kilograms (about 7 lbs). Price: We’re afraid to ask ($3,800-plus).

Savage Model 16 FCSS Weather WarriorSavage Model 16 FCSS Weather Warrior in .338 Federal

Tried and true on the whitetail battlefields across America, Savage‘s Model 16 needs no introduction to deer hunters. It’s a robust, reliable design that typically shoots all out of proportion to its cost, especially the versions with the AccuTrigger and AccuStock upgrades. What’s new about this particular rifle is that it’s chambered in the hard-thumping .338 Federal cartridge, which is, in simple terms, a .308 necked up to .338 caliber. It doesn’t push bullets really fast, so it’s not a long-range proposition like the .338 magnums, but courtesy of their large frontal diameter, bullets fired from it hit like the proverbial freight train. Plus, the cartridge is very efficient: recoil is minimal for such a powerhouse, and you’ll never wear the 22-inch stainless barrel out. Six different Savage rifles are now chambered for the .338 Federal, but this is probably the best deer rifle among ’em. Weight: 6 lbs., 12 oz. Price: $911.

Winchester XPR-HunterWinchester XPR

The biggest departure in Winchester bolt-action rifle design since the Model 54 was introduced in 1925, the radically different XPR features a three-lug bolt; button-rifled chromoly barrel affixed to the precision-machined bar-stock steel action via a barrel nut, which enables precise, easy headspacing, Winchester’s M.O.A trigger system, polymer trigger guard and magazine, and innovative steel interface pads in the stock to ensure concentric, consistent bedding. It’s available in black or camo synthetic stock, chambered in .270 Win., .30-06 Spfld., .300 Win. Mag., and .338 Win. Mag., and in a combo with a factory-mounted Vortex scope. Weight: 7 lbs. Price: $550 and up.


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Smooth bore guns


Shotguns remain the most versatile firearms in the world, and versatility best explains the new offerings for 2017. Manufacturers are building new pursuit-driven shotguns and continuing to tweak current offerings to provide even more niche specialization of their products. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a get-in-the-duck-blind-mud over/under or a behind-the-truck-seat compact scattergun, this year no one can argue there’s a lack of diversity in this category.

Benelli 12-gauge Super Black Eagle 3

The 12-gauge Super Black Eagle 3 is available in black synthetic, Realtree Max-5, Mossy Oak Bottom Lands, and Gore Optifade Timber. This inertia-driven shotgun features an oversize bolt handle, bolt release, and safety, and can take 2 -, 3-, and 3 -inch shells.


The 12-gauge Super Black Eagle 3 is available in black synthetic, Realtree Max-5, Mossy Oak Bottom Lands, and Gore Optifade Timber. This inertia-driven shotgun, which features an oversize bolt handle, bolt release, and safety, is chambered for 2 -, 3-, and 3 -inch shells.

The shotgun ships with a carbon-fiber rib and five chokes, and either a 26- or 28-inch barrel. SRP: $1,899, black; $1,999, camo.


As Browning enters the fifth year of the High Grade Program, it’s now offering a Citori 725 12-gauge Trap model in Grade V and Grade VII models. The Grade V will have either 30- or 32-inch barrels. SRP: $5,339.99. The Grade VII will also be available with 30- or 32-inch barrels. SRP: $6,399.99. Another addition to the smoothbore lineup includes a Citori 725 Sporting Golden Clays 12-gauge with either 30- or 32-inch barrels. It will have Sporting Golden Clays engraving on the right, left, and bottom of the receiver. SRP: $5,349

Browning will also be offering a B15 over/under shotgun that has been exquisitely enhanced by the gunsmiths of Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal. These B15s will be offered in four grades, with a choice of exceptional engravings and wood quality. Along those same lines is an A5 High Grade Hunter with special engraving that depicts pheasants on the left side and mallards on the right, surrounded by intricate scrollwork. The 12-gauge has 3-inch chambers and 26- or 28-inch barrels, and will be offered in a gloss finish with grade 2.5 walnut. SRP: $1,859

Browning B15 over/under shotgun engraving

The B15 over/under shotgun line has been exquisitely enhanced by the gunsmiths of Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal. These B15s will be offered in four grades, each with a choice of exceptional engravings and unparalleled wood quality.

The A5 and Maxus Wicked Wing shotguns are semi-auto waterfowlers that feature receivers and barrels coated in a duck-blind-mud- and water-resistant Cerakote burnt bronze camo finish. Banded extended choke tubes, Briley extended bolt handles, and oversize bolt releases are standard, as are composite stocks in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo. Both 3- and 3-inch models are available. SRP: $1,979, A5 Wicked Wing; $1,739, Maxus Wicked Wing.

For those eaten up with clay-busting craziness, the BT-99 Trap and Micro Trap come with adjustable buttplates and combs. Both feature a Graco Pro Fit adjustable comb and buttpad plate. The Micro version has a 13-inch LOP; the full-size version has a 14 ⁄8-inch LOP. The Micro is offered with 30- or 32-inch barrels, and the full size can be had with 32- or 34-inch barrels. SRP: $1,799

The Cynergy Composite Ultimate Turkey over/under shotgun is available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo. This is a 12-gauge with a 3-inch chamber, and it comes with either 24- or 26-inch barrels. It has a Marble Arms Bullseye rear sight, a fiber-optic front sight, and a short Picatinny rail to mount red-dot optics. Five Invector-Plus choke tubes, including the Extended Ultimate Turkey and Spreader, come with the shotgun. SRP: $2,339

CZ All American shotgun right

The All-American is a high-end competition gun. The Swamp Magnum over/under is built for the duck blind.


The All-American—featuring drop-in replacement parts, including locking blocks—is the sporting clays half of the company’s Trap Combo. It has a four-way comb, combined with adjustable buttplate hardware, that will allow you to tune cast, toe, and LOP for a perfect fit to your shooting style. All-Americans fire the bottom barrel first, the purpose of which is to reduce recoil going into the second shot. Blacked-out extended chokes in a mid-thread pattern, a blacked-out action, and select wood round out the package. SRP: $2,499

For competitors who want a nicer version of CZ’s affordable 612 Trap, the Target model has select-grade wood with a glossy oil finish. The metal gets a deep polished blue. With a tuned trigger system, raised rib, and comfortable Monte Carlo stock, this is a clay-killing machine. A set of extended chokes and a pair of Bradley-style white beads are standard. SRP: $549

For those wanting a light, classy pump gun to carry in the field, CZ has put together an ideal candidate. Built on a gauge-specific 7075 aluminum action, this 28-gauge has a deep glossy blue finish and select-grade Turkish walnut. A set of interchangeable chokes lets you tune constriction, and the full forend and pistol grip make this lithe shotgun feel like the shotgun gods have blessed you. With 28-inch barrels, the shotgun weighs a scant 5.4 pounds. SRP: $429

For those wanting to whack waterfowl with a vengeance, CZ’s Swamp Magnum is the shotgun with which to do so. The Swamp Magnum is the only over/under in the line that has an automatic safety that engages every time the action is opened, making it more duck-blind-friendly. With polymer stocks in either black or Realtree Max-5 camo, and with all metalwork blacked out, these over/unders are ready for the mud, rain, blood, and tears for which duck blinds are famous. SRP: $929 to $1,029


The Missione semi-auto is available in 20- or 12-gauge, with 3-inch chambers. The 28-inch barrels are chrome-plated, with a ventilated rib, a Hi-Viz Spark front sight, a stainless receiver, and a Turkish walnut stock sporting rubber grip panel inlays. Sling swivels, five extended chokes, and a hard case come standard. SRP: $715

Iver Johnson

Two new and interesting .410 shotguns from Iver Johnson should appeal to those looking for a behind-the-seat truck gun or a shotgun sized for youths. The IJ700-18 has an 18-inch barrel and is only 34 inches overall. It weighs just 4 pounds 8 ounces. It comes with a blued barrel, a silver receiver, a walnut stock and forend, a rubber buttpad, and sling swivels. Its most unusual feature is that it folds in half for storage and transport. The IJ700-26 is the same gun but with a 26-inch barrel and an overall length of 41.5 inches. SRP: $175


The Shockwave is an ATF-approved shotgun with a 14-inch barrel and an overall length of only 26 inches. This 12-gauge is built on the 590 action and features a Raptor grip and corncob forend with a strap. With a matte-blue finish and cylinder bore, the 590 Shockwave is a whole lot of wickedness in a defensive-style shotgun. SRP: $455. The 510 Mini Muddy Girl 410 might be the ideal shotgun for the young shooter who is looking for a bit of feminine flair in her first scattergun. It has an 18.5-inch barrel, a ventilated rib, and a fixed Modified choke. It is also adjustable for length of pull and is covered in the vibrant Muddy Girl camo. SRP: $469. The Mossberg Compact Cruiser AOW is available with an 8- or 10-inch barrel, an ATI T3 pistol grip and folding vertical handgrip with a strap, a parkerized finish, and a Cylinder-bore choke. SRP: $910 to $980


Stevens has made its 555 over/under line even more versatile with the new 555 Compact. The stylish shotgun has a mid-length forend and a compact, 13.25-inch LOP, making it perfect for smaller-framed shooters. Like the original 555, it features a light aluminum receiver that’s scaled to gauge. In addition, it sports a Turkish walnut stock and forend, shell extractors, a manual safety, and a single, selective mechanical trigger. It ships with five interchangeable choke tubes. Available in .410, 28-, and 20-gauge. SRP: $692. Stevens is also offering an enhanced version of the original 555. It has an Imperial walnut stock and laser-engraved filigree ornamentation. It is available in .410, 28, 20, and 12 gauge. SRP: $863


Three new 12-gauge shotguns make up Stoeger’s new entries for 2017. The M3000 Tactical can be had with either a field or pistol grip with an 18.5-inch barrel. This inertia-driven gun will accept 2- or 3-inch shells and has a fixed Cylinder bore. SRP: $599, field stock; $649, pistol-grip stock.

The P3000 Tactical is a pump-action 12-gauge available with a field or pistol-grip stock and an 18.5-inch barrel. It, too, will accept 2 - or 3-inch shells, and it has a fixed Cylinder bore. SRP: $299, field stock; $349, pistol-grip stock. The P3500 12-gauge is offered in either black synthetic or Realtree Max-5, with a 28-inch barrel. It will accept 2- or 3-inch shells, and has a red-bar front sight and a ventilated rib. Accessory chokes are available.

TriStar Viper Max

TriStar Viper Max


The Viper Max is designed to shoot 2-inch light target loads as well as 3.5-inch turkey loads. It features a two-piston system, and a light- and heavy-load piston are included with the gun. The spare piston stores in the top of the forearm so it is always with the gun. It is available in Realtree Max-5 with a 26-, 28-, or 30-inch barrel. A black synthetic version with a 28-inch barrel is an option. A fiber-optic sight and three choke tubes are included. SRP: $640 to $730

The Double Trap Adjustable (DTA) comes with 30-inch barrels, an adjustable high-post target rib, ported barrels, and color-coded extended chokes. It also features a fully adjustable buttpad system that allows the shooter to change LOP. The buttpad can be adjusted for cast, moved up or down, and tilts for a perfect fit. The Monte Carlo stock has an adjustable comb in Turkish walnut and is drilled for a recoil reducer. Weight is 8.8 pounds. SRP: $1,450

The Mono-Trap has a 34-inch barrel with porting and extended chokes. It features a Monte Carlo stock in Turkish walnut with an oil finish. A target rib with a fiber-optic sight is standard. The TT-15 MT is an ideal entry-level trap gun and ships with Modified, Improved Modified, and Full chokes. SRP: $1,035

Winchester Super X 4

Winchester Super X4

Winchester Repeating Arms

The Super X4 12-gauge autoloader is based on the proven Active Valve gas system and offers enhanced ergonomics, with easier to access operating controls. It’s lighter and faster cycling than its predecessor. The shotgun is offered in four models—the SX4 Composite, SX4 Waterfowl, SX4 Field, and SX4 Field Compact—all with 3- or 3 -inch chambers. SRP: $799 to $939

The new SXP Shadow Defender and Shadow Marine Defender pump shotguns feature synthetic pistol-grip stocks with textured gripping surfaces and are supplied with two interchangeable comb pieces. Offered in 20- and 12-gauge, with 3-inch chambers, the alloy receivers are drilled and tapped for bases and rings, and a tactical ribbed forearm offers better control. The Marine Defender features matte hard-chrome plating on the barrel, magazine tube, and slide arms for added resistance to wear and the elements. Barrel length is 18 inches. A Cylinder choke tube is supplied. The 12-gauge Defender retails for $449.99, the 20-gauge for $469.99. The Marine Defender retails for $499.99 in 12-gauge, and $519.99 in 20-gauge.

The new SXP Turkey pump shotgun is available in either 12- or 20-gauge and features a composite stock and forearm in a matte black finish. The black alloy receiver is drilled and tapped for scope bases, and TruGlo fiber-optic adjustable sights are standard. The 12-gauge version has a 3-inch chamber with a 24-inch barrel. SRP: $439.99. The 20-gauge has a 3-inch chamber and 24-inch barrels. SRP: $439




The brand new 45 GAP is on the market

A .20 caliber center fire varmint round capable of speeds in excess of 4,000 fps, it is available. The .204 Ruger. 



Accessories, Books Ect.

A variety of new optics and accessories are now available from some of the top manufacturers. If you are looking for something special and you are not having much success let me know I will try to help.

Gun magazines and related gun books are not readily available in book stores and magazines racks, fortunately our American sources carry everything on their shelves, these can be suscribed to or purchased when needed.

Currently Available

29th edition of the blue book of gun values, priced at $34.95 US. Info.

Reloading manual by Hodgdon. More.