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The U.N. General Assembly recently approved a resolution that could lead to an international treaty on controlling the trade of small arms.

With the United States casting the lone vote in decent, the resolution was approved 153-1 with 24 abstentions. It asks the secretary general to seek the views of Assembly members on the feasibility of establishing "common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms." He was also asked to establish a group of governmental experts to start examining draft parameters for consideration by the Assembly in September 2008.

Richard Grennell, spokesman for the U.S. mission to the U.N. said: "The only way for the global arms trade treaty to work is to have every country agree on a standard. For us, that standard would be so far below what we are already required to do under U.S. law that we had to vote against it in order to maintain our high standards".

The struggle continues.

Do you know Rebecca Peters? If you do not, then spend some time to get informed. She is the executive director of IANSA.

The following are some remarks she made at the last UN small arms meeting. (July 10 to July 15)

1. Protection is the job of the state, and not to civilians to protect themselves.


2. All illegal firearms start as legal ones. This is an old argument that has meaning only to uninitiated.


3. The human cost of Small Arms and Light Weapons is very high.


4. The control of legal firearms will make the illegal ones somehow "go away" Standard in gun laws help control illegal ones.


5. Some 60% of all guns are civilian owned, and the vast majority of gun deaths are caused by civilians.


6. Firearms in a violent situation will be four time more dangerous, and escalate the level of violence.


7. Reduce the proliferation of SALW and the cvilian possession of firearms.


Other comments

Guns are bad for health, a physician said. By removing guns from from circulation, governments are not only saving lives, they are also saving money.


Another speaker stressed the need to restrict the circulation of small arms and combat poverty at the same time.


States have an obligation to provide security for their populations in order to remove the need for people to own weapons for their own defence. Civilians should support and compliment that process by surrendering their weapons.


The struggle continues. 

Legal gun owners around the world are being labelled as criminals. If you are not a criminal, sooner or later you will be: with the implementation of gun control laws on a regular schedule in your respective state or country.


These laws affect many law-abiding citizens in various parts of the World; unfortunately they do not make a difference to those individuals who use firearms in the commission of crimes.


The United Nations will be seeking a ratification vote on their policy of global civilian disarmament in the next two years; hopefully, this vote will not carry.

According to one anti gun lobbyist, if your gun is taken away then you should consider participating in another sport.


Remember this individual is not alone, what is frightening, is the fact that Governments and World leaders listen to these individuals and are prepared to implement rigorous control measures in an effort to realize the United Nations mandate.

Please remember that the legal firearm owners around the globe are in an uphill struggle to hang on to what is lawfully theirs.


The following observations were made by Wayne LaPierre (NRA). All legal firearms owners and law abiding citizens should pay attention.

Few nations on earth are pumping more money into the global gun-ban movement than the six supposedly "free" countries: Great Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Japan andBelgium.Along with global billionaire George Soros- who spent over $26 million of his own personal fortune to try to elect gun-ban Sen. John Kerry to the White House last year-these six countries alone have already bank rolled the U. N. gun-ban campaign to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, with still more to come.


When they support a U.N-backed effort to destroy the right of self defense to every man and woman on earth, they're on the wrong side of freedom and the wrong side of history.

It comes as no surprise to youor me that the vast majorityof the nations backing this scheme don't allow their citizens the individual freedoms guaranteed to you and me under our Bill of Rights.


What these countries and the U. N. will never acknowledge is that virtually all firearm atrocities and massacres around the world aren't committed by individuals criminals.

Instead, the vast majority of wanton killings around the globe are committed by governments-the MEMBERS OF THE UNITED NATIONS THEMSELVES.


In an effort to make individuals aware of what is happening around the World. Gun news and gun control are updated on a regular basis in the respective pages on this web site.


Looking through the barrel.


Have you ever wondered why elected politicians, Government officers and ill informed anti gun lobby groups feel that they have the right to dictate to intelligent law abiding citizens what should or should not be done and how it must be.

Do they feel that the assumption of public office makes one the most sensible individual on the Planet.


Over the years, it has been established that a particular type or class of individuals who honestly feel that they are not subjected to laws commits gun crimes around the world.


They also believe that they are not responsible or accountable for their actions.

In fact they have no respect or regards for life and the well being of those around them.


Unless Governments are prepared to rigorously prosecute and introduce longer prison sentences for these perpetrators, in addition giving law abiding citizens the opportunities and the capabilities of defending one’s life against these monsters.

Unless changes and new laws are implemented: then it is a fore gone conclusion that the criminals will triumph.


Look at England as an example. Guns have been taken away from law-abiding citizens. Of those who own firearms legally, the option of defending their homes and the lives of their loved ones has been removed. Britons are helpless.

What the Government has actually done is to reassure the criminal elements that the nation is disarmed.


Presently England has the highest crime rate in Western Europe. There is a gun crime in the UK every hour according to reports.

Knives are currently used as one of the weapons of choice in the commission of crime.

According to the home secretary, to solve this problem, ownership of knives should be restricted or banned. Surprisingly the crime is escalating.

Sadly enough Ms. Smith is incapable of solving the gun crime in her country. Mr. Blunkett tried, he has resigned, missing his opportunity to ban or restrict cricket bats. (Possible weapon of choice in the near future.) Now its up to Jackie.


Undoubtedly the United States has a very high crime rate involving the use of guns.

Steadfastly and rigorously some states have introduced stiffer penalties and prison terms.  They are also prosecuting criminals to the full extent of the law.

Coupled with the fact that a majority of states have issued concealed carry permits to law- abiding citizens, affording them the opportunity to defend their home and family members against an attack.

With these measures in place, gun crimes are on the decline.


New Zealand has recently made a sensible decision not to continue wit the country’ s firearm registry.

This undertaking has been placed on the back burner for at least seven years. Money has not been allocated. According to reports a registry will not help in preventing gun crimes, this decision is commendable, the fact that the money can be better spent.


On the other hand, some Federal Governments fund anti gun groups on an annual basis.

The purpose of these so called expert groups is to advise these Governments on firearms related issues, while using the only tools available to them (lies and propaganda) in an effort to disarm law-abiding people.


Knowledge and education will definitely help countries solve their respective gun crime problems, which are in most cases out of control.


One program, which comes to mind, is the Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program, NRA’S gun accident prevention program for children in kindergarten through third grades.

This program has already reached 18 million kids in the USA.

Similar programs can be tailored for specific needs.


Jamaica had 1400 homicides in one year, prompting the resignation of the Police commissioner.

So much time and resources are spent on curtailing gun crimes on this island resulting in the neglect of other important national amenities.

Trinidad has recently claimed the spotlight as the kidnapping capital of the World, followed closely by Colombia.

In Pakistan street gangs spring up overnight, the crime rate is on the increase.


How foolish are some who believe that taking firearms magazines off bookshelves will reduce gun crimes, yet these same individuals allow a variety of porn magazines to be readily available. Do they honestly believe that by banning or confiscation of these articles will solve the problems?


It is time for all Governments and lobby groups including law enforcement agencies to get off their self constructed pedestals, some of which are even too high for them to get onto, but they do.

Getting down is the first step. Now they must encourage and participate in meaningful and sensible dialogue to achieve the ultimate goal of fairness and justice for all.  Allow law-abiding individuals to become an extension of laws and policies, which are intended to govern everyone.


Public officers should remember that climbing aboard the United Nations bandwagon of disarming the civilian population is not the answer.


In conclusion, all firearms owners should be aware that there is a vehicle available and capable of carrying many times more people than the UN’S wagon. It is time to hop aboard, be willing to participate with strong commitment and dedication, be focused, be vigilant make it happen.

Remembered, unless firearms owners are determined to unite universally, then the sport and the opportunity of self-defence will be taken away.

New world order sounds very scary.